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This site provides a searching tool for Parliamentary Questions submitted by Members of Parliament during the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Legislatures.

Submission of these Questions is regulated by the Standing Orders of the House which mainly state that:

  • No Member may submit more than 6 PQs for one sitting;
  • Ministries have 3 working days by which to reply;
  • The proper object of a question shall be to obtain information on a matter of fact within the special cognizance of the Member to whom it is addressed.

The right to ask questions shall be governed by the following rules:-

  1. A question shall not publish any name or statement not strictly necessary to make the question intelligible;
  2. If a question contains a statement, the Member asking it shall make himself responsible for the accuracy of the statement;
  3. A question shall not contain any argument, opinion, inference, imputation, epithet or ironical expression;
  4. A question shall not be asked about proceedings in a Committee which have not been placed before the House by a Report from the Committee;
  5. A question shall not ask for an expression of opinion or for the solution of an abstract legal question or of a hypothetical proposition;
  6. A question shall not be asked as to the character or conduct of any person except in his official or public capacity;
  7. A question reflecting on the character or conduct of any person whose conduct can only be challenged on a substantive motion shall not be asked;
  8. A question making or implying a charge of a personal character shall be disallowed;
  9. A question fully answered cannot be asked again

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